MIU Model United Nations & Arab League

Shaping tomorrow's world through diplomacy and collaboration.

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What we do

Join MUN & AL, our 15-year-old club that stimulates the UN and Arab League, empowering the next generation of leaders to engage in diplomacy, debate, and critical thinking. Shape tomorrow's world through collaboration and make a difference today.

Academic Side

MUN & AL's academic site is an integral part of our club, providing a platform for students to develop their knowledge and skills in global affairs. Our academic site consists of 7 councils, each representing a key area of international relations
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Organizing Side

MUN & AL has an organizational side that manages various aspects of the club, including sessions, social media, websites, and events. Our organizers work tirelessly to ensure that each session is well-planned and executed, providing members with engaging and informative experiences.
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Juniors Event

Through this event, School students can enhance their critical thinking, public speaking, and leadership skills while also learning about diplomacy and international relations.

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ClaroNile is a Model United Nations development program aimed at promoting environmental awareness and sustainable development. Through this program, our student activity club organized an event to clean up the River Nile in Egypt using professional tools and equipment.

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Some of our Events & Projects

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National General Assembly

Prestigious gathering of high school and university students from across the country. This event provides a platform for students to engage in diplomatic discussions, negotiate resolutions, and gain a deeper understanding of global issues.

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Our conferences feature keynote speakers, workshops, and committee sessions that cover a wide range of topics

Meet Our Team

Hisham Hassan

Director General

Mohamed Hefnawy


Mohamed Osama

Deputy Sec-General

Manara Mohsen

USG Academic Affairs