The Organizing Committee

We are resposible for all other non academic asepects of the club, we cover events, create publicity, generate money, build booths, and even create softwares and websites

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Information Technology

Ahmed Hassan

IT committee is responsible for maintaining a reliable technology system for the whole club concerning the attendance, the recruitment of members and delegates. In addition to any other thing needed in the technology field

Public Relations

Toka El Tabey

Public relations members are responsible mainly for holding the publicity process from scratch, creating campaigns, coming up with ideas for exposure ( on campus / off campus), writing proposals and representing the club whenever needed.

Finance & Sponsorship

Farah Alaa

This committee is responsible for dealing with sponsors, raising funds, backing the club with all the financial needs as well as taking charge of all the events & the entertainment side such as planning outings & trips

Press & Media

Nardine Shafik

Press & media are responsible for the media coverage. They are ought to shoot the events, create videos, take charge of any social media content (photos / videos / designs / GIFs, etc.)


Mazen Maged

Operations committee are responsible for making the booth whenever needed, taking the lead in supplying the club with all the requested materials.